5 Best Types of CBD

You may have noticed that there are many different types of CBD out there. Each form has its’ own benefits for use. It may seem complex, but we’re going to break each down to help you choose the option for yourself! 

1. Gummies 

CBD Gummies don’t just look like candy, they taste amazing. Gummies are an ingestible form of CBD. Don’t let their small size deceive you, they still carry a high concentration of CBD that will give you just the right amount you need. We recommend using premium brands that use nanotechnology to create their Gummies. Nanotechnology ensures that you will absorb higher quantities of CBD per product. 

2. Oils 

CBD Oils, also known as tinctures, have become a highly popular form due to their absorption qualities. CBD oils are absorbed under your tongue, or can be added to food. Simply hold the oil under your tongue for about a minute or add a few drops to your favorite recipe to feel the effects. People tend to like CBD Oils because it is easy to control dosage and the CBD is absorbed quickly due to amount of blood vessels under the tongue. 

3. Topicals 

CBD Topicals are an athlete favorite because they target muscle pain and aches. Like it sounds, Topicals have CBD concentrated in a lotion or roll on get and are applied topically to the skin. Apply the topical to the area of concern in order to find relief from your ailment. Some users prefer Topicals because they target a specific area on the body and work quickly. 

4. Capsules 

CBD Capsules are orally ingested and typically last anywhere from 10-12 hours. These capsules take about 45 minutes to absorb in the body. Capsule users love taking this form of CBD due to its’ long lasting effect on the body. 

5. CBD Lip Balm 

CBD can also be absorbed as a lip balm! CBD lip balm is another form of topical CBD as it absorbs into your lips upon application. People love these lip balms because they are thought to fight sun damage, moisturize, and protect the lips! Who doesn’t want soft lips? 

Each person has their own intended need for CBD and an unique product that works best for them. Experiment and find out which form caters to your needs. It is important, however, that you find a reputable brand that will provide you with the highest quality of CBD. Uforia has high quality products that you can trust. To learn more about Uforia products, click here. 

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