CBD Dosing Guide

CBD Dosing Guide

If you are here, then you are probably very much aware of the many benefits of CBD. It can be used to relieve pain, help regulate the sleep cycle, maintain full-body wellness, and so on. Although CBD does not have a health risk abuse potential, it can be mis-used. The most common ways to mis-use CBD is to either not take enough or to take too much. And let’s be honest, it is a little too easy to use too much CBD, especially when it is taken as Oil, Topical, or as tasty Gummies. So if you are a regular user of CBD, our guide can help you to regulate your dosage towards a healthier CBD journey.

The Types of CBD Dosage

There are three levels for taking CBD. And each of these levels affects the body in different ways, regardless of the dosage. They are as follows:

  1. Macro-dose: This is when you take your CBD in really high and large doses. This can be needed for the treatment of some serious health conditions but it should not be taken without a doctor’s prescription and knowledge. A macro-dose is usually about 100mg to 800mg of CBD taken every day. And the result of taking a macro dose is that it helps to sedate the body system.
  2. Standard Dose: This is the normal level of dosage that’s best for a normal CBD user. It’s usually about 10mg to 100mg every day.
  3. Microdose: This is the dose that’s smaller than the standard dose. This is the best level of CBD dosage for children, however, some adults take doses of this low quantity. It is usually about 0.5mg to 20mg of daily administration. It helps to stimulate the body rather than what the macro-dose does.
  4. Extreme Doses: This is much higher than the macro-dose usage of CBD. It is to be used strictly under the supervision of a qualified doctor. Some illnesses like psychosis and schizophrenia could be treated with doses as high as 1200mg to 1280mg per day. However, this is not supposed to be a drug used for life. It is usually prescribed to be used daily for a few weeks.

So in summary, there are four levels CBD can be taken; macro dose level, standard level, micro, and extreme dose level. So now we’ve explained the levels, it’s time to go into what determines what dosage is best for you.

Your CBD Dosage Guide: What Determines It?

Even if two people are faced with the same health condition, they cannot take the same prescription for CBD. Why? No two people have the same body chemistry. The way a substance is absorbed in one body is different from another. So here are the things that determine your CBD Dosage:

Body Chemistry

This has to do with how your body responds to changes and this includes CBD administration. That’s why it is highly recommended that you start with smaller doses than you normally would. This is so that you can study how your body responds to CBD. Some people also prefer to have a CBD diary. Here, you record your daily response to the substance. Also, take your CBD in the night so that your body would have absorbed the content throughout the night.

Product Bioavailability

This has to do with the percentage of CBD that is absorbed by the body after ingestion. Every form of CBD has different levels of bioavailability. CBD can be taken as oil drops, pills, and edibles (like gummies), vape, or topicals. And the form with the highest bioavailability is vape, followed by oil drops and then capsules/edibles. This means that if you take 15mg of CBD in oil drops, it is equal to 6 times the same mg for CBD capsules.

CBD Experience

If you have previous experience with CBD, then you can take more than someone new to it. This would differentiate your dosage from a newbie.


Your body weight also affects how little or how much CBD you should take. And though it can be easy to say that heavy-weighted people should take a higher dose of CBD, it’s best to calculate it. Any of the many CBD dosage calculators can be employed to do this. And to get a more assured result, resort to your doctor.

Health Condition

Depending on the treatment you want to receive, your dosage would also differ from another person’s. For people that want to help relieve pain, the dosage would be much smaller than those that want to be treated for depression or schizophrenia.

Other Meditations Currently Being Used

If you are currently taking another medication and you have been prescribed CBD as a support drug, then you might receive a smaller or a larger dosage than someone that is using CBD alone. Also, the use of Alcohol can affect the amount of CBD you should invest.

Metabolism Rate

This refers to how fast or slows your body absorbs any introduced substance. And it can be affected by a person’s body type or activity. People that engage in more physical activities have faster metabolism rates than those that take it slow. Also, the time of day can affect how fast or slow the body absorbs CBD.

Note that your dosage  may not remain the same forever. Changes in the above determinants can either increase or decrease the CBD dosage that would work for you.

Side Effects of the Wrong Usage

Though there aren’t a lot of studies on how to be safe with CBD, there are many on the possible risks of CBD. Your might need to educate yourself on these side effects so that you can work towards avoiding them. Some of the common side effects include:

  1. Change in mood
  2. Increased or decreased appetite
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Agitation
  5. Drowsiness
  6. Irritability

It is advisable to consult a doctor before taking your CBD product. 


CBD can be taken as a vape, oil drop, edibles, and topicals. Because it is very easy to add to your daily routine, you could be taking more than you should. That’s why a dosage guide is very important for every CBD user to ensure you’re taking the right dosage. It is also best to write about your dosage and the effects so that you can track your body chemistry and metabolism rate to each dosage.

UPHORIA CBD delivers a variety of CBD intake options designed for any level of CBD user. 



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