How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

CBD is no longer a new term in the market of supplements and pharmaceutical drugs. This is because studies have shown promising results in the treatment of certain illnesses, including, inflammation, chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, anxiety, heart blood pressure, schizophrenia, and mental disorders. With so many benefits, you may wonder why it matters how long CBD stays in your system. Here is all you need to know about how long CBD stays in your system.


So How Long Does CBD Stay In The Body System?

This is not one of those questions with a simple and direct answer. Although, we can say 'about 2 to 7 days, but that depends on a lot of factors. Such as how it was introduced into the body (oil or vape or drug), how often it is used, how much was used, the state of the body, the person's daily activity, and so on.


We have broken these categories down to examine how long it takes for CBD to leave the body in these cases.


Depending on how it was introduced to the body


There are many ways you can ingest CBD into the body system. These include oil, tinctures, pills/capsules through vaping, lotions, creams, supplements, and other edibles. The method you choose to ingest the CBD determines how long the CBD stays in your body system.


Oil and tinctures are usually placed under the tongue, and the body absorbs the content into the bloodstream (directly). This is a very fast method of introducing CBD to the body, but it is not one of the quickest ways to get rid of it. When taken as oil or tinctures, it usually takes a bit longer for the CBD to leave the bloodstream.


Pills and capsules take longer to get in (and even much longer to get out). They need to be broken down in the stomach, dissolved then sucked into the body system before they begin to act. And this lengthens the time it takes to leave the body system. 


Though vaping is not advisable for everyone (especially people with respiratory-related challenges), it is the fastest way to ingest CBD and expel it from your body system. When you ingest CBD through a vape, it enters the lungs, does its work, and says goodbye within few days. That is why this is the best method for treating brain-related challenges.


Lotion and creams are the slowest of them all. It takes time to be absorbed into the body system and longer to leave. The same goes for supplements and edibles. However, the condition of your body and what you eat before the intake of the CBD supplement determines how long it stays in your system- more on this below.


Depending on the Amount and Frequency of Use

The quantity of CBD you use and how often you take it also determines how long it would stay in your body system. As usual, the more of a substance you intake, the longer it's takes your body to metabolize the substance and get rid of it completely. The same goes for CBD. When the quantity is more, it can take up to a week to have it entirely out of your system.


Also, if you use it regularly, it builds up in your body over a long time. However, if you are an occasional user, it would leave your body system much faster than a frequent user.


Note that in both cases, body types differ. For some regular users, it could leave their systems in 10 days, and for some others, it could be completely gone in 5. This is because not everyone has the same metabolism rate, water content, and mass index. And these are the variables that influence the metabolism of a substance in the body.


In addition to the above, taking CBD, whether in large quantity or small, on an empty stomach equals a faster metabolism than when it is taken after a meal.


Depending on your daily activity

This is also a huge determinant for how long CBD stays in your body system. A person's daily activity dictates their body's metabolism rate. A person that does little or no strenuous activity (that causes sweat) will take a long while to get rid of CBD from their body system.


While people like athletes, gym enthusiasts, or people who engage in strenuous/physically challenging activities would metabolize CBD much quicker.




When asked the question: how long does CBD stay in your system? The answer can be as simple as 2 to 28 days. But this depends on a whole lot of factors. These factors include the method used to introduce the compound into the system, the kind of activity the person takes part in, the amount of CBD taken, and how often it is used. How long CBD will stay in your body also depends on the person's metabolism rate and body mass index. So, generally, the answer is not that simple and varies from person to person. Shop Uphoria CBD for Products you can trust and results you can feel. 











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