Why Athletes are Using CBD to Enhance Performance

You may be noticing that more athletes are incorporating CBD into their daily routines. There’s a few reasons why athletes are taking advantage of CBD products. We’re here to jump into the why and to share how active adults can benefit from having CBD in their life. 

1. Aids Recovery 

Exercise can be taxing on the body. Muscles require recovery time in order to perform efficiently. Athletes that are on a stringent regimen are continually adding physical stress to their bodies and are giving themselves less time to recover. Research suggests that CBD reduces oxidative damage in the body, which increases the rate in which the body recovers. This allows athletes to recover quicker and as a result train more effectively. 

2. Improves Sleep 

Proper sleep is essential to all adults, especially athletes. Doctors recommend that adults get eight hours of sleep each night in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a proper energy level. Athletes that train regularly require adequate sleep in order to allow the body to recover and to have the energy needed to perform. CBD has been known to improve sleep function by providing relaxing effects and addressing numerous sleep related issues. 

3. Manages Pain 

Consistent exercise can cause strain and pain on the body. Whether it’s muscle soreness or injury, it is common for athletes to experience some form of discomfort. Recent studies have shown that CBD can help reduce inflammation in the body, which as a result will lower the amount of pain you experience. 

If you are an athlete or an adult that exercises regularly and are curious about trying CBD, make sure that find a reputable brand that you can trust. Uforia CBD is a quality brand trusted by many athletes. To learn more about why athletes love Uforia, click here. 

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